Under GDPR Article 8, the age of consent, i.e. when a child is required or able to give their consent for the processing of their own data, is 16. However, member states can allocate their own age of consent, with a cap at 13 years of age.

In the UK, the age of consent is 13, so the lowest age that the GDPR will allow.

How does the GDPR age of consent differ in the EU?

Many EU member countries share the same age of consent as the UK. Only one or two older, and surprisingly, some nations have no provisions.

  • Austria – 14 years old
  • Belgium – 13 years old
  • Czech Republic – 15 years old
  • Denmark – 13 years old
  • Finland – 13 years old
  • France – 15 years old (or younger with parental consent)
  • Germany – None
  • Hungary – None
  • Ireland – 16 years old
  • Italy – 14 years old
  • Netherlands – 16 years old
  • Poland – None
  • Slovakia – 16 years old
  • Spain – 14 years old
  • Sweden – 13 years old
  • United Kingdom – 13 years old

You can stay up to date on each country with the handy Two Birds GDPR Tracker


To comply with COPPA law we don’t target users under 13 years old in the USA and in all the countries around the world.

Only users of 13 years old and older can use personalized ads in the USA and other countries.

  • United States – 13 years old
  • For other countries not listed here please check your local law to use personalized ads.

    You can always go to the settings section of the apps to disable/enable personalized ads in any country to comply with your local law.

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